What is ENAA ?

Ex-Naval Artificers Association.ENAA is an association formed by artificers who served in Sri Lanka Navy.Members of this association are "SLN Artificers ...


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acceptable to the Association

What we do

  • Organize all artificers who left navy, to keep them in close relationship.
  • Organize meetings in regular intervals to discuss important matters with regard to the association.

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Latest news

Ex.Naval Artificrs Association.  Annual General Meeting

DATE : 27TH MAY 2018

Event Details

ENAA Committee Members
2017 / 2018

profile-image-1Mr. Cyril Dahanayake



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ENAA Membership

The Initial member's fee (Enrolment / Entrance fee) shall be LKR 2000/= and the membership subscription shall be LKR 1200/= per annum which shall be paid on or before the 31st of December of each year...


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